The glazing procedure The glazing procedure

The glazing procedure can solve two problems at once: improving the exterior of the building and optimizing the interior space. Therefore, this type of facade work today is one of the most common. It is universal - front glazing is possible both for industrial buildings and for residential buildings. These tempered glass structures and aluminum profile systems are very durable and reliable.
The glazing procedure
The glazing procedure 

Types of structures for facade glazing
facade glazing photo
To make the appearance of the building stylish and modern, several different technologies are used - the choice depends on the type of work being carried out and the desired visual effect. The following facade glazing systems are available.
Strong and durable tempered glass and aluminum profile designs are universal in application. They will help transform the external and internal appearance of the structure, making it stylish and ultramodern. In addition, glass and aluminum structures have many practical advantages.
The glazing procedure
The glazing procedure 

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