Office partitions in the loft style

Office partitions in the loft style

The renovation of commercial spaces with glass is simply spectacular due to the undeniable beauty it possesses. Now the question that arises is which design to choose? We know that glass is very versatile but on this occasion we suggest you use loft style office partitions when giving a touch up.

Perhaps many know it, but others do not. Anyway we will give a brief explanation. It is a style that was born from the industrial era in New York where neighborhoods of the city were industrial areas.

The structures had iron and glass windows divided in panels, useful to give ventilation to the place and separate spaces.  
Later the companies disappeared but these spaces remained unused. It is where then a population growth occurs and the need arises initially in students to rent large spaces in a clandestine way. But as more time passed in these spaces, restaurants, commercial premises and residences emerged.

An industrial style that is currently used in commercial and residential decoration that in addition to aesthetics gives functionality to the place. The characteristic color of the enclosure is black. But you can also give the tone you want or that goes in line with the current decor.

It adapts to any style, i.e. you can install it in environments that have concrete, brick, wood or any other similar material.

Uses of loft style glass partitions

  • Division of internal - internal spaces 
  • Division of internal and external spaces
  • Decorative on doors and windows


  • Lighting
  • Amplitude
  • Versatility
  • Transparency
  • Resistance
  • Contrast: the combination of a dark frame and transparent glass gives the interior clear geometric lines;
  • Mobility: installation and disassembly can be performed at any time, as this requires no additional construction work;


As we mentioned in the advantages it is versatile; i.e. you can find various options in styles according to your tastes and requirements. Among them:

  • Fixed
  • Folding
  • Sliding
  • Balancing; to provide ventilation

Experts in loft style office doors.

Do you know the loft style and want to apply it in your office with a customized design?. Are you looking for a minimalist style, maybe with a touch of industrial or Nordic?. Then look no further, Bkny Glass helps you to materialize this idea as you have in mind.

We are manufacturers, designers and installers of products with glass and mirror of absolute quality that give solution or cover the needs of New Yorkers in terms of construction, remodeling or repair applies.

For this we have certified experts who put the best of themselves in each project and thus achieve our main goal which is customer satisfaction with a work that goes in line with what you are looking for.

We create works that highlight your personality or your own style. In the same way, we work on small, medium and large works with the same inspiration and attention to detail. In fact, we have no limit to the size of the project.

We are a registered trademark with the Department of Consumer Protection, so we are licensed to operate commercially. So don't worry about incomplete work, additional costs or late delivery times from us.
Our glass services include:

  • Roofing
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Railings
  • Steps
  • Tables
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Doors of all types
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Shelves...

In a variety of designs, styles, colors, including loft style.  
All of our products have the seal of resistance, security, protection and durability that tempered and laminated glass provides.

We have true manufacturer prices. Contact us, clarify your doubts regarding this and other services and ask for a free quote.

Office partitions in the loft style

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