Glass partitions

Glass partitions

Glass partitions are an elegant and subtle alternative to divide internal spaces in a residential or commercial structure that in addition to aesthetics provide protection, brightness and originality to the place.

So you can have a divided space with the same amplitude, lighting and visibility in the environment. In fact you can choose the level of privacy you want due to the versatility of glass to take colors or ornamental modifications in it.

On the other hand, when we mention protection we mean that it is a product totally resistant to breakage, therefore durable. This is because the screens are made of tempered glass.

Applications of glass partitions

One of the most popular applications for glass partitions are studio apartments. The main problem in them is the combination of kitchen and living room. During cooking, all odors are transported into the room. To avoid this phenomenon, you can install a sliding glass partition that will divide the kitchen from the living room.

They are also useful in:

  • Interior partitions 
  • Offices
  • Showers
  • Partitions in shopping malls Cafeterias, restaurants...

In all cases they help to use the space of the room in a rational way, without loading it and expanding it visually.

Glass partitions in shopping centers.

They will give the interior not only visual lightness, but also automatically increase the number of sales. Glass partitions allow you to divide the space of the shopping center into separate zones (stores), do not obscure them, but, on the contrary, fill them with light, visually push the boundaries of the room. It has sound-absorbing properties.

Partition of a shopping center with photo printing.

Incredibly stylish frosted glass partition with a blue tint and sandblasted pattern, with a combination of straight and curved glass, will create the effect of a smooth turn. Glass partitions allow you to divide the space of the shopping center into separate zones (shops), do not darken them, but, on the contrary, fill them with light, visually push the boundaries of the room. It has soundproofing properties.


  • Pilkington 10mm clear M0 glass, safety - tempered.
  • Accessories of a pendular door of Haideli (China), color opaque stainless steel.
  • Closer Haideli (China), color matte stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel tube handles without the possibility of locking manufactured by Haideli (China), polished stainless steel color.
  • Set of hardware and supplies for installation.
  • Installation manual with drawings of units.
  • Glass and furniture care products.


  • Functional solution in the design of residential apartments.
  • A superior degree of aesthetics
  • Resistance 
  • Spaciousness
  • Lighting
  • Visibility
  • Low soiling
  • Easy to clean
  • Protection
  • Customization...

All in all, there are many benefits you can enjoy with a glass enclosure.

Glass experts in New York.

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Glass partitions

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