Glass partitions

Glass partitions are a modern solution in interior design. Even 10 years ago, this type of partition was considered a luxury, but today it is commonplace. At the same time, such partitions give the interior a gloss and originality.

According to the scope of application, glass partitions are divided into
Glass partitions
Glass partitions

interior partitions, office, showers, partitions in shopping centers, cafes, restaurants and etc. They help to use the space of the room rationally, while not loading it and visually expanding.

What are the glass partitions
Glass partitions
Glass partitions
Interior glass partitions are a functional solution in the design of residential apartments.

One of the most popular applications for glass partitions is studio apartments. The main problem in them is the combination of the kitchen and the living room. During cooking, all the smells are carried into the room, while soaking in furniture and curtains. To avoid this phenomenon, you can install a sliding glass partition that will divide the kitchen from the living room, while cooking. And when such a partition is installed outside the room, it is better to reliably protect it from breaking.

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