Delightful Kitchen Apron

Designers believe that the kitchen apron made of glass is a godsend for kitchens that cannot boast dimensions. And all due to the fact that the reflected light visually expands the room.

Installing apron is not difficult.
 Delightful Kitchen Apron
 Delightful Kitchen Apron
 The best way to mount is a through-fastener: even a thick and heavy apron made of reinforced glass is securely fastened, the wall does not require preparation, and if necessary it can be easily dismantled.

If the apron consists of several parts - it will be more appropriate to use the hinged fastener: insert the glass panels into the metal plates.

Having a perfectly prepared wall, the glass panel can be simply glued.

Delightful Kitchen Apron
A delightful glass kitchen apron will provide an interesting solution for decorating and diversifying the kitchen with modern materials.

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