Glass column

Glass Column

Glass columns represent an atypical but revolutionary way to decorate interior structures. You may have thought you knew all about glass products for remodeling, but more and more innovative creations like this one are coming to the market, confirming the versatility of the material.

One of the advantages of glass columns is that they can fit perfectly with any interior design. In addition, you can customize them to your liking with ornaments that you may have in mind and that match the place.

The first impression that glass columns generally project is of modernity, progress and of course admiration, especially when they have lights inside, simply a futuristic look.They are common in TV studio scenographies, but also in nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, of course also in residential rooms.

An elegant glass column in a bright multicolored color will hide the irregularities of the concrete column, decorating the interior and giving it a more modern look.

Glass Column Equipment.

  • 6 mm Pilkington mirror with stained glass plaster;
  • Glue-sealant with a high degree of adhesion through which the mirror can be glued, even on the untreated surface.
  • A set of hardware and consumables for the realization of the assembly.

  • Guide for the assembly of the product with drawings of knots.
  • Glass care products and accessories.

Additional modifications:

Resizing (up to 1200x5000mm).
Change of glass type (tinted in the mass, sandblasted drawing, frosted).
Construction dimensions:
Construction width (B): 400 mm
Construction length (L): 400 mm
Construction height (H): 2950 mm (11.5 in.)

Glass column experts in New York

A creative mind has the ability to obtain from one element a diversity of results, versions and functionalities for certain purposes. In other words, it makes the most of the material.

That is precisely what happens at Bkny Glass. We have highly qualified, certified and ingenious professionals who put their imagination to work to create innovative, modern and exclusive works in glass and mirror.

Experience is like a clear path that allows us to easily detect with precision current problems or situations in order to quickly find the best solution, whether it is something known or a new procedure. 

We have more than a decade of experience crystallizing the dreams of the people of New York in terms of glass and mirror remodeling.

From us you will receive 100% aesthetic, functional and of course very durable works, thanks to the resistance of laminated and tempered glass.

We work completely customized. That is to say, we listen to your ideas or the project you plan to carry out and we adapt perfectly to what you are looking for. In the same way we give life to projects that are within your budget, small, medium or large. 

You can check some of our projects here But if you want more information in a personalized way contact us, ask questions that our agents will kindly answer and receive free estimates.

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