A festive glass table

Festive Glass Table

It is a reality, with glass you can create countless products both common and uncommon that can revolutionize the world of decoration, for example the festive glass tables that we also know them as: UP Balloon coffee table.

It consists of a sheet of tempered glass supported by a kind of balloons actually metallic and rods represent braids in various forms: tangled, smooth, etc..

It is an original work of art by Christopher Duffy, which since the launch of the project has been a success in London and now in the United States.

It is impressive the realism that projects this great work where visually it seems that the table is floating by means of authentic helium-filled balloons tied.

You can find a variety of colors according to the decoration of your room, but the tone that catches all eyes is gold. Of course, silver, blue or color combinations are also a show-stopper.

A non-standard shiny glass table of this type will always create a celebratory feel in your home or office and thus elevate the mood of all tenants, employees or guests. Another example of how a good idea can be cleverly presented and successfully implemented.

A stunning tempered glass table, being visually neutral, will transform the entire interior.

Festive glass tables specifications

15 mm clear Pilkington MO glass, with polished perimeter edges;
Stainless steel to order with polished steel cladding.

A set of hardware and consumables for the realization of the assembly.

Modifications you can obtain:

Resizing (up to 1000x2000mm).
Change of color of the frame: powder painting in any color in a RAL palette, or lamination under a tree.

Change of color of accessories: powder coating in any color of the RAL palette or lamination under the tree.

Change of the type of glass (tinted in the mass, sandblasted drawing, frosted).

Experts in festive glass tables in New York City

Bkny Glass designs, manufactures and installs fascinating glass and mirror products that put a positive spin on the décor of your residential or commercial space tailored to the client's needs.

We create custom products in any dimension you require with the same attention to detail down to the smallest detail with the firm purpose of delivering an impeccable result.

Our creative minds have the ability to create innovative products or as in this case great works of artists around the world with whom we form the best alliances.

For this we have a team of glass professionals ranging from Designers, Glaziers and Engineers along with the rest of our team that put the best version of them every day to provide the attention you deserve.
In addition we only use state of the art working tools that allow us to work better, create quality works and deliver in the shortest time possible.

Our services with glass include:
  • Flooring
  • Roofs
  • Swimming pool railings - Stairs
  • Stairs
  • Doors 
  • Partitions for internal structures
  • Shower doors
  • Facades
  • Of course glass tables...

Actually there are even more, you can see a sample here, but personally we can show you more works, with the versatility of designs and styles that make up our creations. But for more information you can contact us, clarify doubts about the services we offer and get a free quote.

Festive Glass Table

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