A festive glass table

A festive glass table with legs stylized as inflatable balloons with helium, which, as it were, hovering in the air, holding on itself a rounded glass table top. Such a non-standard bright glass table will always create a feeling of celebration in your home or office and thereby raise the spirits of all tenants, employees or guests. Another example of how a good idea can be intelligently presented and successfully implemented.
An impressive tempered glass table, being visually neutral, will transform the entire interior.

A festive glass table
Glass Pilkington 15 mm transparent MO, with polished edges around the perimeter; safe - quenched.
 Stainless steel on order coated polished steel.
A set of hardware and consumables for the implementation of the assembly.
Guide to the assembly of the product with drawings of nodes.
Care products for glass and accessories
Resizing (up to 1000x2000mm).
Change of color of a framework - powder painting in any color on a RAL palette, or a lamination under a tree.
Changing the color of accessories - powder painting in any color on the RAL palette, or lamination under the tree.
Change the type of glass (tinted in the mass, sandblasted drawing, frosted).
A festive glass table

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