What types of glass floors exist?

types of glass floors

First of all, glass flooring differs depending on the type of material from which it is made. It can be:

Organic glass: distinguished by high strength and low weight, sensitive to household chemicals;

Silicate glass is a hard but fragile product. For flooring suitable laminated or tempered glass.

When choosing a type of glass, you should pay special attention to the characteristics of the room where the installation will be carried out. If it is a kitchen, nursery, living room or other high-traffic room, located on the lower floors, it is better to stick to silicate glass.  
Organic is perfect for bedrooms and offices.

By design features, glass floors can be divided into the following types:

Scale, that is, occupying the entire area of the room where it is installed. This option is perfect for the living room, nursery or kitchen. Having chosen it, it is possible to realize the most courageous fantasy, whether it is the sky under your feet, made by the method of photographic printing, or the extravagance of light from multi-colored diode lamps;

Glass niches (showcases). A great option for rooms where informal gatherings or parties. Making glass floors of this type involves creating recesses in the floor where it is possible to place various decorative objects, for example, dried flowers, minerals and even sand, for those who want to be on a warm beach;

Frosted and tinted floors. An excellent choice for workplaces, strictly and tastefully; 

Backlit glass ribbons. An excellent option for decorative decoration of narrow and elongated rooms. This option looks great in combination with other solutions, for example, with colored glass or floor with artistic composition, which also has backlighting.

The glass is placed on the supporting frame covered with a compactor and fixed with a decorative frame, which also has a compactor layer. For better fixation, an adhesive paste is applied between the frame and the glass sheet, after which the frames are tightened with metal bolts.

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types of glass floors


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