Types of glass canopies

Types of glass canopies and their selection
In addition to ensuring the protection of passers-by from solar radiation, precipitation, falling icicles, and other things, the installation of glass canopies can increase the attractiveness of the building. This solution can be called part of the design of the entrance, which, with the right approach, will allow it to become a harmonious element of the architectural concept of the building. To do this,
Types of glass canopies

you must correctly select and install a glass visor.

It is rather simple to choose a glass visor, the main thing is to responsibly approach this issue and analyze the main design criteria. Here the most important criteria are:

Types of glass canopies
Types of glass canopies
the form of a glass peak - can be the most various. Modern technologies that are used by PROSTEKLO provide an opportunity to create various types of glass canopies, which are distinguished by complex configurations: domes, arches, inclined structures, etc. Of course, when choosing a non-standard, diffTypes of glass canopiesicult from a technical point of view design price will increase slightly, however the aesthetic characteristics of the building increase dramatically;
color palette. We can safely say that now consumers have the opportunity to choose and install a glass visor of absolutely any shade. All this allows you to choose the best design option for a specific building;
relief. In addition to the traditional smooth glass visors, there are also relief analogs. It must be remembered that they lose a little in terms of transparency and practicality. As the advantages of the relief designs, originality and the ability to create a cozy atmosphere can be noted.
installation of glass canopies

Installation of a glass visor
There are two main options for mounting glass visors. The first option involves installing solid glass on the console. It is distinguished by reliability and durability. The configuration and the number of components of the console (bars) are determined by the project.

The second option is to use the supports, where the most popular are the glass visors on the guys. Constructions created by the second method look more cumbersome, but their installation is possible in any situation. In addition, their arrangement makes it possible to shift the load on the supports near the porch, which has a positive effect on the durability of the structure.

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