How to install glass floors?

Install glass floors

Glass is a precious material that results in fascinating works for the remodeling of residential or commercial spaces, for example windows, walls, mirrors and a decorative element that undoubtedly represents the ultimate expression of modernity are glass floors.

You can see them in shopping malls or business buildings but it is also suitable for homes. You probably think that there is only one type of glass to install floors but it is not so. Of course, what you have to be clear about is that all of them are suitable to walk on, although for different levels of traffic.

For example there are special for basements, others for the pool area, others for upper parts ... Similarly you find it in materials such as laminate, tempered. In fact the most resistant in the industry.

But to continue with the main topic of this post we will proceed to explain how to install glass floors, read on.

How to install glass floors?

To install a glass floor, the master must perform a series of operations, which include:

  • Preparation of the floor surface "black";
  • Installation of a metal frame to support and fix the floor;
  • Installation of decorative and functional elements;
  • Laying of glass blocks and decorative profile.

The preparation of the underlying surface consists of removing a layer of 15-20 cm or lifting it if necessary. In addition, all foreign objects, remains of chemical liquids, etc. should be removed from the working platform. 

The base for the glass floor must be level and have no height differences (in the contour of the support). After preparatory operations, the assistant installs a metal frame on which the glass will fall, fixing it on the surface of the base of the room.

Choose a glass floor from an infinite number of possible options: this is still half the battle, it is more difficult to realize our plans. To turn design fantasies into reality, the master must have the talent of the artist and be able to see the depicted composition before creating it. As a rule, completely different people perform work on the design of glass floors and their installation.

After creating the composition and location of functional elements, such as a diode lighting, a glass sheet or separate panels are installed. The glass is placed on the supporting frame covered with a compactor and fixed with a decorative frame, also having a layer of the compactor. For better fixation, an adhesive paste is applied between the frame and the glass sheet, after which the frames are tightened with metal bolts.

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