Glass visors

Today we will understand how to choose and install a glass visor.
Glass visors

Glass visors above the entrance to the building are very useful, and therefore very popular designs. Their operational advantages were appreciated by very many, and today's diversity of such structures allows choosing the most optimal option depending on the features and purpose of the building, the preferences of its owner and other selection criteria.

The manufacture of glass canopies is a time-consuming, complex process that requires the involvement of experienced professionals, the use of modern technology. Therefore, this task must be trusted by true professionals. These include the company “ProSteklo”, which has been on the market for a long time and delivers exceptionally high-quality products.

Scope of use and the advantages of glass peaks
The main advantages of glass canopies are:
strength. In the production of visors used special glass - triplex, which has high-performance properties: durability, wear resistance, durability. It differs favorably with a multi-layer structure that allows the structure to withstand severe loads regardless of the method of attachment (glass visor on hangers, cables, rods, etc.);
Glass visors
high rigidity. If it is necessary to ensure increased rigidity of the visor, manufacturers use a large number of guys that handle the load better than anchors. Elements of this kind guarantee high reliability, which you should not doubt;
glass visors on the rods are able to guarantee another important advantage - providing the necessary slope, which will exclude the option with the accumulation of debris, snow, leaves from trees, etc.
The above operational advantages, as well as the acceptable cost and attractiveness of glass canopies,  made them very popular. Today, such structures are used not only in the design of residential and office buildings. The installation of glass canopies is relevant for any buildings where maximum illumination is needed: winter gardens, greenhouses, farm buildings, etc. In addition, glass canopies are in demand when building covered markets, production facilities, gazebos, and also when finishing balconies.

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