Glass Balconies

Manufacturers offer to choose and install a glass balcony fence to solve the problem of design and security once and for all. Beauty and safety are the main criteria to which the enclosing elements of balcony structures must comply. Excellent decorative characteristics and high structural strength make balconies with glass fencing. Today, this option is one of the best for installation on residential and commercial real estate.

Types of glass balconies and their main differences
Existing models of balcony railings can be divided into several types:

modular construction;
frame fence;
complexes of the solid web.
Modular fencing involves the use of a segmented metal or wood frame. In the construction of this type are used transparent or tinted glass. The dimensions of the frame and glass, as well as their shape and type, depending on the preferences of the customer and the characteristics of the balcony on which the structure is installed.

types of glass balconies
A full glass balcony in an apartment of triplex or mono glass is very popular among residents of urban high rises. In this case, the glass is installed in a single canvas along the length of the balcony. To fix the glass, a steel frame is used, rigidly fixed flush with the balcony slab.

Glass Balconies
Due to the flexibility of the glass, the fence can have a different shape - from a classic rectangle to an arched structure or an oval. To improve the aesthetic characteristics will help coloring, toning or applying photo printing on glass. Also used for decorating matting, sandblasting processing or installation of LED lighting.

In constructions of this type, the main load rests on metal elements, while the canvas is “suspended” on point or linear fasteners located along the perimeter. The frame may have a different shape and color, as well as decorative forged or stamped elements.
Glass Balconies

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