Balcony glass fencing

Balcony glass fencing

Balcony glass fencing - principles and features
The strength of tempered glass is beyond doubt; it is simply impossible to break it without the use of heavy tools. It is more important to choose the type of fastener responsible for the stability and fixation of the fence on the surface of the balcony slab. In general, the following types of fastening can be distinguished:

connectors - loops welded to the frame parallel to each other at a distance equal to the thickness of the glass. The connectors have technological holes with which the through-hole of the glass is aligned and fixed with a screw;
frame grooves - the classic “sled” principle of fastening, in which glass is inserted into a special slot made on the top and bottom profiles of the frame;
brackets - pin mounting principle, providing for the fixation of the screen by means of a threaded screw. Installation of glass balcony fencing is carried out between racks equipped with brackets. The screen is securely fastened after all the screws are tightened;
hidden fasteners - a method that does not involve the use of frames and racks. The screen of the fence consists of several modules with holes on the ends. In the holes mounted screw, fastening the glass together. To fix the extreme glasses, grooves are installed directly on the surface of the reinforced concrete structure.
How to choose and install glass balcony railing
Balcony fencing glass is performed sequentially. At the first stage, the balcony plate is released. To do this, dismantled the old design, cut off all capital fasteners. If there are chips, cracks, and irregularities on the slab, it is repaired. Next, the frame is fixed to vertical and horizontal surfaces. Lastly, glass elements are installed and fixed.

choose and install glass balcony railing
Balcony glass fencing
Independently perform all necessary operations only if you have extensive experience in installation work. We guarantee high quality and maximum safety of the finished structure, as well as an observance of the terms regulated by the contract, and reasonable prices.

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