Glass doors for a shower cabin and a bathroom have significant advantages. Functional features, coupled with a more beautiful design create a wide variety of product choices in this category. In case you doubt which material is better, simply analyze the physical and chemical properties of both materials.

Plastic is known to be more chemically active than glass. Polymer compounds enter into a variety of reactions that are completely undesirable for your bathroom. When interacting with oxygen, plastic structures emit harmful and toxic compounds that can adversely affect human health.

In order to prevent such an impact, we do not recommend the use of plastic elements in the decoration of bathrooms. Before you make a choice in favor of a particular model, you should decide what material to use for a shower door. Today, such structures are made of plastic or glass. The only advantage of plastic doors compared with glass counterparts is a lower cost.
This is due to the fact that the technological process of manufacturing such products is much simpler, but at the same time the plastic itself does not have high strength. Since Giovani Glass offers its customers only the highest quality products, you can find only glass doors in our catalog.
Glass doors for a shower and a bathroom possess the following advantages:
• high strength
• resistance to mechanical and chemical stress
• resistance to temperature extremes
• resistance to high levels of humidity
• durability.

Based on the above advantages, tempered glass is the best material for the manufacture of doors at the moment. And Giovani Glass will impress you with a variety of possible designs.

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