Glass doors will benefit your interior.

Glass doors are becoming one of the most important details of a stylish interior today. Glass doors can give a special look to the room, expand it visually, fill it with light, deprive the oppressive isolation and give the interior its own originality.

You can find a striking variety of designs for glass doors. The glass used may be transparent, with a pattern, tinted or matte, but in all cases without exception, tempered.

Tempered glass increases its heat resistance, impact resistance and reliability. Glass thickness ranges from 8 to 12 mm.
Glass door classification
By the type of opening glass doors are divided into:
pendulum doors (can open in both directions)
swing doors (open to the outside or inside the room),
automatic and manual opening sliding doors.

By design interior glass doors are of two types: frame and frameless.
The frame (box) for a glass door can be wooden or metal, but in most cases an aluminum profile is used for this purpose. The accessories (handles, hinges, locks) are fastened to the frame.
Frameless or solid glass interior doors are made entirely of tempered glass. In this case, there is no frame, so these doors are only pendulum or sliding.

The first question asked by the customer when choosing a glass door: how safe is it? The glass used for glass doors, tempered or triplex, is resistant to impacts and is characterized by an increased strength. And to cause them damage, you need to try hard.
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