Choosing Material For Shower Doors

Material For Shower Doors

Shower doors can be made of various materials. Making a choice in favor of one of them, you should know that this material must meet the following requirements:

Provide maximum functionality of the shower;
Have stylistic and design compatibility with the overall interior;
Meet the personal preferences of the owners.

The most popular materials for the manufacture of shower doors are:

ordinary glass;

IMPORTANT NOTE! If the shower location has non-standard sizes and shapes, it is best to order individual shower doors. The high cost outweighs the ease of use and durability of service of such a door.
We suggest you pay attention to glass shower doors, as they have the following important features:

Strength and durability. Insensitive mechanical actions do not damage the design. Strength characteristics increase when using triplex or tempered glass.

Safety. Even if the fragments are damaged, they acquire a rounded shape or the remains of the doors remain in the protective film.

Resistance to different temperature modes. Tempered glass can withstand large temperature variations.

Initial appearance over a long period. When used correctly, the glass retains its attractiveness for a long time.
Universal design features. Glass shower enclosure doors perfectly fit into any style and design of the room.

Easy care. Glass is easy to wash and gets a fresh and bright appearance.

Decorative. Different methods of decoration will make the door more attractive and original.

Toxicity. Glass is a natural material that does not emit harmful substances.

Experts in shower doors in New York

When you decide to renovate your shower room or any space in your home or office, there is nothing better than getting a satisfactory job that meets the design patterns you have in mind.

There are companies or contractors that achieve the goal but others simply don't. So you must be attentive so you don't waste time and money. For this we suggest that before requesting a product or service you look for information about the company:

Work history
Real testimonials, with better punctuation
Business license endorsed by Consumer and Work Protection
Portfolio of projects...

This will be enough to put your mind at ease and make sure you have a complete job that meets your expectations and saves you unnecessary headaches.

Bkny Glass is a company specialized in glass and mirror products and services that for more than a decade has worked tirelessly in the face of challenges and adversities but with a firm purpose to meet the needs of restoration, remodeling or new construction in New York City. 

With total ownership we affirm that with us you will be guaranteed a quality project with all the specifications you indicate in the shortest possible time, abandonment or additional costs. This is because we have a commercial license endorsed by the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection NYC, which protects you in case of any failure.

On the other hand, you will receive at the door of your home or business premises only specialists in the service or product not apprentices or inexperienced, it is not our policy.

 This allows you to realize your dream project in less time than you imagine. Of course, the work tools are part of the successful execution process. We only use the latest generation.

We work on small, medium and large projects without any problem and with the same dedication and attention to detail. So keep in mind that you will be able to request a product that fits your budget.

In addition to applying the best glass to shower doors we will do it in:

  • Swimming pool railings
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Stairs
  • Elevators
  • Walls 
  • Windows
  • Mirrors...

Certainly a world of options in glass that you have to transform your space with the elegance, modernity and distinction you are looking for. But if you want more information you can consult with us directly and our operators will kindly assist you. In addition the budget is free.

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