Choosing Material For Shower Doors

Shower doors can be made from various materials. Making a choice in favor of one of them, you should know that this material must meet the following requirements:
provide maximal shower functionality;
have stylistic and design compatibility with the general interior;
satisfy the personal preferences of homeowners.

The most popular materials for the manufacture of shower doors are:

- ordinary glass;
- tempered glass;
- triplex;
- plexiglas.
Important note! If shower place has non-standard sizes and shape, it is better to order individual shower doors. The high cost compensates for the ease of use and durability of the service of such a door.

Giovani Glass suggests you to pay attention to glass shower doors as they have the following important features.

• Strength and durability. Insensitive mechanical actions do not damage the design. Strength characteristics are increased when using triplex or tempered glass.
• Safety. Even if the fragments get damaged, they acquire a rounded shape or the remains of the doors remain on the protective film.
• Resistance to different temperature modes. Tempered glass can withstand large temperature variations.
• Initial appearance for a long period. When properly worn the glass retains its attractiveness for a long time.
• Universal design features. Glass doors for the shower cabin perfectly fit into any style and design of the room.
• Easy care. Glass is easy to wash and get a fresh and brilliant look.
• Decorative. Different decorating methods will make the door more attractive and original.
• Toxicity. Glass is a natural material that does not emit harmful substances.

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