Are there any minuses of glass walls?

Glass walls

No matter how strange it may seem, but there are virtually no drawbacks to glass walls (at least most of them) and in almost all situations they can be easily neutralized or minimized.

Glass can't hide anything and everyone can see you through the glass wall. Anyone will be embarrassed if they realize that someone can observe their actions; even within a family where all members have unlimited trust, an individual may have little secrets. In general, almost everyone sometimes needs to hide a temporary mess in the room when guests arrive.

Such a possible disadvantage of glass walls can be easily solved in different ways; for example, in addition to a glass partition, you can use curtains or blinds. Alternatively, the glass can be tinted or covered with an opaque pattern; yes, in this case, the volume of the room will disappear, so the option with curtains will look more attractive. 

Perhaps you have heard: "glass is fragile". This statement is a myth: the material of this type, used for the manufacture of walls, is subject to special treatment, which makes it durable enough. In addition, the glass can be covered with a special protective film, which, in case of glass breakage, retains the fragments and does not allow them to scatter and harm a person. As they say, safety is of great importance.

Among the disadvantages of sliding glass walls may be their invisibility: a person entering for the first time may simply not notice the partition and hit his forehead on it. 

Sometimes glass walls do not have a very high sound insulation capacity.  Glass walls are not the best protection against cold coming from the street, which will require large amounts of energy for heating. 

This actually depends on the quality of the glass and the factory that produces it. Today's technology makes it possible to create safe, resistant, tintable, frosted, and embossable glass with fantastic results for residential or commercial spaces that dismantle any myths or disadvantages you may hear. 

Of course you must make sure you find a contractor or company that supplies the best glass in the industry such as laminating and tempering along with a professional workmanship that truly knows what it does and guarantees convincing, satisfactory and lasting results over time.

By doing this, you will have no limits regarding glass because you can obtain products for any use, just as you are looking for, projecting the elegance, subtlety, distinction and personality that characterizes you.

Of course, you will find different prices but without a doubt it is a return on investment that you will never regret. A view without comparison, a neat and modern environment that you can only find in structures with glass. So everything has a solution in this life and glass is no exception.

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