Are there any minuses of glass doors?

No matter how odd it may seem but there are practically no drawbacks of glass walls (at least most of them) and in almost all situations they can easily be neutralized or minimized.
Glass cannot hide anything and everybody can see you through the glass wall. Any person will be embarrassed if he realizes that someone can watch his actions — even within a family in which every member has unlimited trust, an individual may have little secrets. In general, almost all people need sometimes to hide a temporary mess in the room when guests come.
Such a disadvantage of glass walls can be easily solved in different ways - for example, additionally with a glass partition, you can use curtains or blinds. Alternatively, the glass can be tinted or covered with an opaque pattern - yes, in this case, the volume of the room will disappear, so that the option with curtains looks more attractive.

The glass is fragile. This statement can be classified as myth - the material of this type, used for the manufacture of walls, is subjected to special treatment, which makes it sufficiently durable. In addition, the glass can be covered with a special protective film, which, in case of breaking the glass, holds back the fragments and does not allow them to scatter and injure a person. As they say, security is of high importance.

Among the disadvantages of sliding glass walls is their invisibility - a person who is entering them for the first time may simply not notice the partition and bump his forehead into it. Sometimes the glass walls do not have a very high sound insulation capacity.
Glass walls are not the best protection from the cold coming from the street, which will require large amounts of energy for heating.  
But Giovani Glass can turn all these drawbacks into pluses. We will offer you glass finished to the latest technologies which will ensure the glass quality of a very high standard.

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