All semi frameless glass fencing around pools is erected..

Semi frameless glass pool fencing gives you a cheaper alternative to frameless glass pool fencing whilst still displaying a stylish look to complement your pool, water features and landscaped garden areas.


Semi frameless glass panels are available in sizes from 0.600mm to 1800mm wide and posts can be made of stainless steel, or aluminium that can be powder-coated to any  colour of your choice. 


All semi frameless glass fencing around pools is erected on a concrete footing 300mm deep and 400-500mm wide. If large format concrete pavers are used around the pool, the pavers above the footing are mortared for extra strength. This procedure ensures that there will be no movement, particularly when clay based soils expand and contract throughout the years. 

Holes for the posts that hold the semi frameless glass panels are core drilled through the pavers into the concrete footing to provide the strongest fixing system possible.

Cost of semi frameless glass pool fencing will vary depending on the individual fence. Factors that affect the price of semi frameless glass panel pool fencing include:

Length of fence, number of panels and doors,

Number of angles or corners the fence will have,
Type and condition of the ground the fences foundation needs to be constructed in.

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