Glass Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures

Having the proper glass shower door or shower enclosure can truly transform any bathroom, and no one does it better than BKny Glass.

We specialize in a variety of shower doors – from heavy glass/frameless shower doors, as well as framed doors and enclosures.

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Our custom glass shower doors and shower enclosures include:

  • Shower doors
  • Inline panels
  • Step up returns
  • Neo angle
  • Corner stalls
  • Shower slider
  • Tub slider

ENDUROSHEILD (optional):
Glass and Mirror offers ENDUROSHIELD through our glass provider which is a professional strength water repellent glass coating.

It is a professionally applied product to the shower enclosure glass, that creates a permanent bond with the glass and comes with a 10 year performance warranty to new glass.
It cuts cleaning time and repels water.

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BKny Glass also offers a large selection of glass and metal finishes.

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