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Shower Door Sales
Shower Door Sales
Shower doors add much needed privacy while bathing while adding beauty and value to your home. A high quality shower door shows how clean your home is and at the same time ensures that it looks elegant. So if you don't have them we recommend you turn to glass door installation services.

Installing a shower door is not an easy task, so hiring the services of experts in the trade is ideal. When it comes to keeping up with the latest trends, many homeowners prefer to replace their shower curtains with glass doors. Glass shower doors are simply elegant and classy. If you wish, you can replace your bathroom door with a modernized shower door.

Advantages of glass shower doors

No doubt the shower room will make a complete turnaround when you replace the typical curtains that are still present, resulting among other things in a comfortable space that you won't want to leave due to the feeling of tranquility and relaxation it generates. But there are many more advantages that we share with you:

Spaciousness. The glass allows to reflect the light causing a feeling of space that a curtain does not do. It is very successful when the space is small.

Easy cleaning. Maintaining shower doors is an extremely simple task.

Elegance. They provide a luxurious look to bathrooms.

Versatility. You can have sliding doors, hinged doors, tempered glass, sandblasted doors...

Neat presentation. Undoubtedly, shower doors project a clean and pleasant space to the eye of owners and visitors.

Types of glass most commonly used in shower doors:

Both are very safe glasses that in addition to protection guarantee a long life.

The best in shower doors in New York.

Bkny Glass is your best choice when looking for shower door installation services. We have more than a decade of experience in services with glass and mirror including your bathroom. So, if you are in these areas, we can gladly help you choose the shower door you are looking for and that of course fits your space. 

We can advise you on choosing the best bathroom faucet and come equipped with the right tools for installation. We can even help you choose the shower door that complements your shower space. Our contractors are familiar with all the techniques involved in installation.

Likewise our professionals will observe the installation site and accurately give you a precise diagnosis that includes the type of door according to the space, dimensions and of course attentive to your project proposal without unnecessary work or additional costs.

We are constantly renewing our work tools acquiring the latest generation that allow us to deliver a superior result in less time than you think but with fascinating quality and aesthetics.

We install the following types of shower doors: 

- Framed shower doors 
- Shower enclosures 
- Heavy shower enclosures 
- Shower enclosures with glass panels 
- Frameless heavy shower enclosures 
- Sliding glass door shower enclosures.

We take care of every detail in our work process whether the job is small, medium or large. In addition, your space will look like a work completely in your style with your personal seal just as you have it in mind.

Contact us for more information, learn about our services and receive a free estimate.

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