Frameless Shower Door

A custom shower door, often known as a frameless shower door, is shower door
that is custom-built to the dimensions of your current shower. It’s a simple upgrade that can be completed in a day, yet the positive effect lasts far longer.

The most obvious way that a custom shower door adds value to your home is the fact that it makes your bathroom much more attractive.

As one of the key selling points of a home, any bathroom that features such a stylish fixture is always going to be more appealing for buyers. Plus, custom shower doors are much higher quality than any other type of shower enclosure, so it’s only natural that a high-quality fixture adds value to a home.

Not only does a custom shower door look fantastic with any d├ęcor, it also gives the illusion of more space. This is especially useful in smaller bathrooms that feel cramped, helping to make it feel much bigger.

A larger bathroom is always going to be a strong selling point, so again, this helps to add value to a property for a relatively low-cost investment.

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