Enlarge Your Space with Custom Mirrors

Instead of refinancing the house to redesign and build that extra space, try some custom mirrors.

A large custom area mirror strategically placed can magically add on that addition simply by reflecting the room back to you, giving the illusion of space. And amazingly, when a space appears larger, we feel as though we actually do have plenty of space. Energy always fills a vacuum and if it seems as though we have ample space, we somehow function just fine within that space.

Another idea to reflect your space back to you, is with colored back painted glass, or with textured or pattered glass. Full or partial wall installations of this mirrored or textured glass can result in stunning transformations of your space, rendering it unrecognizable from its former stunted views.

It may not offer the storage you need, but for a quick and very beautiful fix, Glass And Mirrors  can offer some excellent mirror and glass ideas.

With a knowledgeable staff of skilled installers providing excellent service, customer satisfaction is priority. If you are ready to deal with your space challenges, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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