Enlarge Your Space with Custom Mirrors

Enlarge Your Space with Custom Mirrors

Instead of refinancing the house to redesign and build an additional space, try some custom mirrors first that could save you from spending extra on unnecessary construction.

A large custom area mirror placed in a strategic location can magically add that addition you are looking for by simply reflecting the room back at you, giving the illusion of spaciousness. In this way you get the idea of a more spacious and comfortable room allowing everything to function as if you had actually extended the place. It's amazing how optical illusions influence our perceptions.

Another idea to reflect space back at you is with painted glass on the colored back, or with textured or patterned glass. Full or partial wall installations of this mirrored or textured glass can result in amazing transformations of your space, making it unrecognizable in your favor.

There are actually many options that allow you to enlarge spaces and project more light into rooms, which largely depend on the type and size of mirror as well as the location of the mirror. For example, a round mirror in the foyer projects more light, but in the hallway they facilitate the amplitude.

Another case is with mirrors facing each other. It is undoubtedly a successful solution that, in an impressive and almost unbelievable way, projects a larger room. 

The mirrored walls effectively provide brighter and wider spaces. You can place it in the dining room if you want this space to look larger or in the living room. Small mirrors placed all around the wall have a similar effect.

It may not offer the storage you need, but for a quick and beautiful solution, Bkny Glass can offer you some great mirror and glass ideas.

We have many, many more ideas in mind that we'd love to share with you. We also offer custom projects that meet clients' needs for glass and mirror renovation.

There is no limit to the size of the project, you can ask us about small, medium or large projects and we will gladly work on them with the same dedication and attention to detail.  
So we adjust to your budget with a solution according to your needs.

Our company creates glass works such as:

Shower doors
Divisions in internal structures
Armored glass
Privacy glass... 

All with the best and most resistant glass in the industry such as laminated and tempered.

We have trained staff of qualified installers who provide excellent service, for us your satisfaction is the priority. If you are ready to meet your space challenges, contact us today for a free consultation.

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