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Frosted Glass

Maybe you want to renovate your office, consulting room or boardroom with an elegant element like glass but you need privacy. Or maybe you want to engrave your logo, brand or commercial name on the door or glass wall of the space or you simply need lamps with opaque light? For all of these, frosted glass is recommended.

Over the years glass has left the usual appearance and texture to adopt various modifications according to the need or use.  
This is thanks to the application of various procedures that make the material and thus obtain the desired shape. From there arises the frosted glass that has aesthetic but also functional purposes, for example in photographic printers, lamps, glasses...

With respect to the decorative part we can say that the smooth and soft texture allows to give an elegant, clean and modern touch in various sections of the house or office. In fact many commercial structures apply frosted glass in adjoining offices that constantly have communication. 

For those who do not know, frosted glass is a common glass (tempered- laminated) but it has a somewhat opaque aspect that allows light, but not enough, since it is difficult to see what is on the other side of one side or the other. This is due to a polishing process with an emery.

Advantages of frosted glass

Privacy; you can bring all the beauty that glass normally exudes but in a private style. 

Zero stains or smudges; the result prevents a person from leaving fingerprints on the glass. Likewise, there will be no stains or dirt on the glass unlike conventional glass.

Personality; because you can put decorative styles, personal signatures, logos...

Glass experts in New York

Bkny Glass is your premier destination for all your frosted, etched and sandblasted glass needs. Our specialists are highly trained to perform innovative and custom glass work to deliver unique results.

We have a long commercial track record in the glass and mirror area meeting the needs of New Yorkers with high level projects on time and just as requested.

We work in different specialties and frosted glass is not overlooked. We have a team of experts with creative solutions that fit perfectly with your style and personality. So in our works you will only see modernity, distinction, class and elegance.

A determining quality in any company is punctuality. Our company is aware of this and faithfully complies with the stipulated times in the delivery of the projects. In fact, this is also possible thanks to the work tools.

With time everything evolves optimizing our way of living or operating. The tools we work with are no exception. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for the newest tools on the market in order to create quality work in optimum time.

In the same way the raw material is determinant to achieve the expected result and that it lasts in time. So we create and install the most resistant glass in the industry guaranteeing safety and permanence.

Why polished or etched glass?

Sandblasting can help you achieve a more desirable, sharper, aesthetically appealing and noticeable look for your space, with etching highlighting elegant glass.

One of the most popular ways to print images on glass is with sandblasting that gives the finished product a beautiful texture and milky white appearance.

At our company, we understand that even small units of sandblasted glass can change the look and appeal of your residential or commercial building. 

If you would like to learn more about the product or other services you are interested in, please contact us and also receive a free quote.

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