New york Glass Installations

New york Glass Installations

You probably want to give an elegant, classic or modern yet functional touch to your residential or commercial space but don't know how to start. One of the most attractive options on the market is the installation of glass in different parts of the place that will undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics of the place.

In New York there are many companies dedicated to this trade. Some are more accessible than others, both in economy and in the quality of the product or service. Sometimes it is somewhat difficult to know exactly which one will really help you to materialize the project you have in mind as you require it, but keep in mind some aspects that we mention below.

Nowadays it is almost impossible for companies not to have a presence on the web and social networks. There you will be able to measure a bit the credibility of it through comments, ratings.... You can also learn a little more about the company, project portfolio, years of service.

Another is that you can know if the company is responsible for any event such as incomplete work or different from what was agreed, through an insurance policy. Another important piece of information is the commercial license that indicates that it is a legal company and a registered trademark.

In Bkny Glass we have all the necessary legal requirements to operate commercially. We have a trajectory of more than 10 years fulfilling the dreams of renovation or remodeling with glass and mirror. In fact you can see whenever you want our history of projects that undoubtedly captivated our customers.

We are in different social networks where you can see real customers giving testimonials of our work. You can also look for references to us on your part.

On the other hand, we only send highly qualified personnel for each project, not apprentices or those who do not know the specialty. We are a school of professionals that constantly support the training of our professionals.

With us you will have no fear or doubts of an unfinished, poorly done or untimely work because we have an insurance system that guarantees a complete work, in the agreed time and just as you require.

We are a leader in mirror and glass fabrication and installation of laminated glass, privacy glass, kitchen glass backsplash, frameless shower door, dance mirrors, aluminum mirrors, ballet bars and many other products.

We are proud to serve the most particular, demanding, innovative and quality-conscious customer base in the glass industry. To ensure satisfaction, we listen carefully, innovate thoughtfully and execute flawlessly, meeting or exceeding all customer expectations.

We have state-of-the-art tools that allow us to perform high-level work in record time. We work to measure so we will have no problem in elaborating small, medium or large works.

So the price will be exact to your budget. If you want to know more contact us and get a free estimate now.

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