How Mirror Walls can Be Used to Create More Light in a Room

During the Renaissance, interior designers had to find ways to make spaces brighter and more attractive without the use of electric light. One of their favorite ways to do this was by creating large windows and generously employing mirrors throughout the house to reflect the light coming through those windows. 

Today, with the cost of energy so high and future supplies uncertain, energy savings is latent in everyone's thoughts. As such, designers and homeowners are once again looking for ways to make their space brighter and livelier that don't involve the use of electricity. And just like their ancestors, they have turned to the mirror .

Employing Mirror Walls in Homes to Maximize Light

Mirror Walls
Many homes are not designed to take full advantage of natural light. As such, it's up to those who inhabit the home to try to turn gloomy, dimly lit spaces into bright, cheerful rooms that everyone can enjoy. One of the simplest and most compelling ways to do this is to install mirrored walls at strategic points in the home. Before you go ahead and place some ceiling-to-floor mirrors, however, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind.

  • Size: when it comes to maximizing the reflective quality of mirrored walls, having a large surface area is ideal. Not only will your dying room pop, but it will appear larger and airier than ever.
  • Placement: You need to be aware of the location to place the mirrored wall. It would not be nice to have mirrors shining sunlight reflected directly into people's faces as they try to watch television nor do you want to place a mirrored wall in such a way that it presents a clear view of the bathroom. Instead, position them so that they indirectly reflect natural or artificial light and don't overdo it.
  • Styling: For many homeowners, simple, large, frameless mirrors may be exactly what the style doctor ordered. For others, however, a more luxurious mirror style may be necessary. You may want a wall made up of multiple small mirrors (either framed or frameless) that fit in with the busier design of the overall space. You may want those mirrored sections to have beveled edges or the surface itself to be wavy due to style and safety concerns.
  • Who's in the house: while mirrored walls produce compelling effects that are endlessly fascinating and open up a wealth of design possibilities, glass slabs are large and can be somewhat dangerous. If you have young children, you should be careful where you install mirrored panels, as children are not always aware of where they are going. 

Installing mirrored walls in homes is a great way to brighten up dark and dull spaces, especially during the long winter months. Talk to our managers at Bkny Glass about the possibilities of mirrored walls for your home. They will very kindly give you accurate information about the current situation, correct placement, styles, sizes and much more.

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