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Glass Pool Fences

There are families or some people who choose to put fences around pools for safety purposes. This mostly when there are children or pets that could accidentally fall in. There are several materials to create these fences but if you want to keep the view to the pool with a touch of beauty and elegance we recommend glass pool fences.

A frameless glass pool fence offers the wonderful features of glass considering unobstructed views, specialized design, strength and durability.
Glass pool fences can be a very attractive and well-known option for customers who wish to enhance the overall look of their pool and garden. Uninterrupted view is a main objective that most people require when fencing the pool area.
This design prevents you from encountering posts or railings that distract your view from the main aspect: the view of your pool. Glass pool fences create the appearance of an open space.
Glass fences are unobtrusive yet extremely attractive and meet all or some of the safety standards, generally employing 1/4 tempered safety glass. The glass pool is made to order and can be composed of straight or curved panels depending on the customer's requirements.

At Bkny Glass we supply and install frameless or even frameless glass pool fencing at extremely competitive prices throughout New York City.We have over 10 years of experience in the glass industry creating optimal solutions for our customers that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our glass is of the highest quality, such as laminated and tempered glass, which guarantees a superior level of work, resistant and durable over time. . 

You will receive in the project area only highly trained personnel in the activity. We are a school that keeps our team in constant training and only those approved will be assigned.  This allows us to guarantee a high level of work in record time.

Our company's specialists will always give you an accurate diagnosis and solution where you will pay the right price no more and no less. So don't worry about extra or different costs after we set the agreed price.

From us you can get:

  • Residential Glass
  • Commercial Glass
  • Shower Doors
  • Frosted Glass
  • Switchable Glass
  • Mirrors...

And everything related to the material, it is only a matter of contacting us, specify the project you have in mind and we will kindly give you the best solution at the best price in the market. The estimate is totally free.

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