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Architectural glass new york - decorative laminated glass new york

Architectural Glass New York

Today we can see how big cities have fantastic skyscrapers of various sizes, filling the space with modernity, development and beauty. Many of them have glass facades accentuating the innovation and progress of the place. But it is not a common glass but a special one called Architectural Glass.

It is usually applied as a transparent glazing material in the building envelope, including windows in the external walls. Glass is also used for internal partitions and as an architectural feature. 

When used in buildings, glass is usually of the safety type, which includes toughened, tempered and laminated glass. Long recognized as the source of unique specialty glass, architectural glass continues to be a leading innovator in the building world. 

Advantages of Architectural Glass

One of the great advantages is the beauty it projects to the viewer, it certainly draws the viewer in and will not go unnoticed. If it is a commercial institution, it will undoubtedly induce him to enter the structure. But beyond the beauty there are other benefits below: 

Resistance; this type of buildings uses tempered or laminated glass, which prevents them from falling or breaking easily. Likewise, they can withstand climatic changes without problems.

Natural light; By essence allows the passage of daylight into the interior. This allows energy savings. There are also available glasses that regulate the intensity of ultra violet rays, ideal for the hot season.

Spaciousness; It projects spacious places, this in part to the light that enters.

Insulating; One of the great advantages of glass in busy cities is the ability to cancel all the noise caused by the cosmopolitan routine.

Versatility; Glass can adopt a variety of shapes, styles and tones that provide distinction, exclusivity and a personal seal.

In addition to the mentioned advantages we can say that it has a quick installation. So with a good team you will have a residential or commercial building faster than you think.

Specialists in Architectural Glass Installation

Bkny Glass has a great team of professionals committed to materialize the construction projects, remodeling or renovation of spaces with glass and mirrors of the people of New York.

The professionalism and creativity of our experts allow the creation of dynamic, modern, innovative and of course customized works including large constructions using architectural glass. 

Take advantage of all the benefits that this impressive material brings and fill your residential or commercial structure with the best equipment.

We have an inventory of over 2000 types of specialty glass, along with 100% vertical integration of our processes, which allows us to undertake the most ambitious projects and develop exciting custom architectural glass solutions.

Architectural glass is found in high profile commercial and residential installations spanning:

  • Building facades, Interior partitions
  • Walls 
  • Doors 
  • Elevator interiors, 
  • shower enclosures and kitchens. 

Our specialty glass collections include decorative tempered and laminated glass, textured glass, etched glass, tinted glass, tinted mirrors, back-painted glass.

We have commercial license and insurances that guarantee a job just as you require in optimal response times. We also provide you with innovative advice if you wish.

If you want more information, learn about other services or clarify any concerns contact us, we will gladly assist you, the budget is completely free.

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