Mirror Walls Can you really overlook them?

Wall Mirrors

When you're trying to expand a limited space, create openness or bring light into a room, a mirror wall can provide the light into a room, a mirrored wall can provide the perfect touch. perfect touch. The reflective surface visually expands a space, making it feel twice as large.

Mirrors fit on entire walls as well as in sections, creating different feels with their spacing and position. Mirrored walls are common in workout facilities to allow clients to see themselves while doing the usual workouts, but their popularity is growing as decor in a kitchen or living room because they also provide natural light and a sense of space through reflection. 

They are easy to clean and decorative. A wall mirror in addition to projecting spaciousness has the ability to receive modifications through engraving, color or other designs to enhance individuality and tie it to a theme or create an eye-catching piece.

Thanks to the versatility of glass, manufacturers can create unimaginable works. Of course, this reality takes force with the creativity of designers or creators of glass products that we see today in everyday life. Meet the experts on this subject below.

The best in wall mirrors in New York.

Good customer service is always for sure and with Bkny Glass and is no exception. There are many people who love to go and take our services, as the quality is excellent and we have proven it in every project we do.

One of our main objectives since our foundation is customer satisfaction. This is to know him, to obtain from him what he likes, what he doesn't like and what he is looking for that will allow him to materialize the project just as he dreams it.

For our part, we have a team that in addition to being professionals in the field, are available to listen to you and then give their best in each work based on what you propose and therefore deliver a satisfactory result. 

We have several specialties in glass that allow us to offer a diversity of products and services in glass and mirror. Of course glass walls are part of our menu. So if you want to renovate your residential or commercial area with a material as elegant as glass, we provide the solution.

We have more than a decade materializing dreams of renovation of spaces in New York City with high level services, lasting over time and the best; affordable prices because we manage very well the quality-price ratio.

The most resistant glass in the industry such as laminated and tempered glass are part of our premium that together with the most modern machinery and technical equipment allow us to deliver the projects in optimal times.

Other glass services we offer:

  • Shower doors
  • Ceilings
  • Windows
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Pool railings
  • Stairs
  • Glass shelves
  • Accessories and much more...

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