Custom etched glass new york

Custom etched glass new york

Bkny Glass sets the standard for high quality handmade sandblasted etched glass, etched and carved glass and stained glass art. Made to order in a wide range of prices and products, get the privacy you need without sacrificing light through stunning etched glass artwork for:

  • Interior doors 
  • Entry doors 
  • Pantry doors
  • Laundry room doors 
  • Cellar doors
  • Frameless glass doors 
  • Window glass 
  • Custom showers 
  • Glass tables
  • Signs 
  • Shelves, counters
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Glass panels 
  • Art and glass wall sculptures, 
  • Corporate commercial offices or home offices

Etched glass walls and dividers are perfect for maximizing space by adding privacy. . With etched glass walls you can create room dividers for bedrooms, offices, fitness rooms, conference rooms, or any room you want to change from a private area to an open space in an instant.

Etched glass walls allow natural light to illuminate a room, which creates a positive energy-filled environment and saves electricity costs. 

Etched glass can be used to obscure the view of a room for privacy. Etched glass sliding doors also allow larger objects to easily enter and exit a room.

Where to find etched glass experts?

Bkny Glass is the leading glass and mirror company in New York City with a long history of delivering high-end projects at the best prices and completely customized.We have a great team that covers the various specialties of glass and etched glass is not left out.  

Our excellent artists create true custom works of art. Our work is constantly evolving and our creative minds are aware of it.

Moreover, we work with state-of-the-art tools that allow us to deliver superior projects quickly. To complement satisfactory results, we install the most resistant glass in the industry such as laminated and tempered glass. This way you will have an elegant, functional and lasting project.

Here in our website you have a small sample of what we do just click this link. But you can know many more with us, it would be a matter of contacting us and our operators will gladly assist you.  You can consult this project or other related ones and if you wish ask for a complete estimate, it is totally free.

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