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Brooklyn ny art glass sets the standard for high quality hand crafted sandblast etched glass, glass etching and carving and stained glass art.  Custom made to order in a huge range of price and products, get the privacy you need without sacrificing light thru stunning works of etched glass art for interior glass doors, glass front doors, pantry doors, laundry room doors, wine cellar doors, frameless glass doors, window glass, custom showers, glass tables, glass signs, shelves, counters, decorative mirrors, glass panels, glass wall art and sculptures,corporate business office or a home office, etched glass walls and dividers are perfect for maximizing space with added privacy. With etched glass walls you can create room partitions for bedrooms, offices, fitness rooms, conference rooms, or any room that you may want to change from a private area to an open space in an instant. Etched glass walls allow for natural light to illuminate a room which creates an energized positive environment and saves on electrical costs. 

Etched glass can be used to obscure the view into a room for privacy. Sliding etched glass doors also allow for larger objects to easily be moved in and out of a room.

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