Glass Wall Partition

Glass Wall Partition

Frameless glass walls have long been a popular design element for commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels and spas. Over the years, designers and architects relied on this space saver for smaller urban dwellings, where the transparency of glass can preserve and define space. 

Now, many modern homes contain some form of frameless glass walls, such as glass wall panels for glazed terraces, glass wall dividers, glass wall showers, glass knee walls and glass wall cabinet partitions.

What type of frameless glass applies to your style? Our style options for frameless glass walls include richly colored glass for privacy and light reflection, as well as classic, ultra-clear and patterned glass panels.

Glass wall partition design.

There is diversity in design to create glass wall partitions. Among them we highlight the steel and aluminum. In both you can have a custom design. But one of the differences is that aluminum is cheaper than steel, although it can imitate it perfectly.

Undoubtedly with them you will give a modern atmosphere to the space with your personal style because also the accessories of the doors you can choose them to your liking.  We have a stock with plenty of accessories so you do not stay with a single proposal.

But we also offer the design of frameless glass partition walls. It is a matter of taste and we work so that no one is left out.

The best in glass partitions

At Bkny Glass we have been glass and mirror specialists for over a decade creating high-end projects for New Yorkers that not only meet expectations but exceed them.

With glass we can create an infinite number of works including glass wall partitions. In addition, glass wall partitions provide a highly aesthetic space and the ability to showcase the country or cityscape.

We install the best glass in the industry such as laminated or tempered glass. In this way we provide security and protection to residential or commercial spaces for a long time.

We manage very well the price - quality balance so that you pay only the right price in all our products. Likewise we are aware and clear of what we do so we will only give accurate diagnosis of the actual problem or situation along with the exact solution. You will not expect from us additional costs for unnecessary actions.

Please contact us for more information. Our operators will kindly give you a quick answer and if you wish ask for a free quotation.

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